First semester of college: done


Hey y’all! This is just me updating you on my whole semester of college here at Adelphi University. If I could some up college in one word it would be… experience. There were ups and downs from meeting new people to being homesick to playing basketball with a great team to stress of how much work college actually is. I came to New York so excited like Jessie from the Disney Channel show called Jessie. If you don’t know that show; Jessie is a girl from a Texas town who moves to the Big Apple to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. Basically, I am Jessie and Jessie is me. I am a girl from Texas who moved to Garden City, NY (only a 45 min train ride to NYC) on Long Island to fulfill my dream of playing college basketball. In the show, Jessie’s life is pretty glamourous, and I would have to say my time here has been about the same as her’s. So here’s a recap of my first semester.

Move-in Day was way back in August. I was so excited I was about to have a year long sleepover with two great people, Gianna and Fallyn. Honestly, move-in day was so hectic because what’s more insane than macaroni with no cheese- just three girls trying to live in a room made for only two people. Think about it three college freshmen girls, six parents, a sibling, and a sibling’s girlfriend all trying to fit in a dorm that’s made for two people. Plus, the amount of st14141526_10154497510184310_6734104534517586139_nuff the three of us out-of-state girls brought with us. I was the first to arrive. I came the night before actual move-in day, and was lucky to have been able to move in that night. When I got to Eddy Hall room 218 I saw three beds, three desks, three bureaus, yet only two closets. YES, only two closets for three college girls!!! So, being the first one there, my parents and I went out and got a make-shift closet (that didn’t last me too long). Gi and Fal came the next day to move in which was already crazy enough, so I can’t even imagine if I didn’t try to move in the night before. Our room was so cute once we had everything moved in. To be nice, people would tell us our room was so cozy, which really was there way of not trying to complain how tiny our room was. After move- in day we had Matriculation the next day. Matriculation was basically a ceremony which formally verified your acceptance in to Adelphi. This day was also the day I had to say goodbye to parents. That was one of the hardest moments of my life because it was a huge step of me becoming independent and growing up. Also, when people say growing up sucks it truly does because you don’t have your mom or dad right by your side when you need something, for them to remind you to take your medicine,  to be brutally honest with you about how you look before you go out, to eat healthy, ya-da ya-da ya-da, and so many other thing parents do for you. It was really tough for me honestly this first semester being far from my parents,my brother, and Jersey. They’re my best friends. I have shed a lot of tears this semester from missing them. It sucks going from my parents being at every one of my basketball games to being at so few. But I made it through, and it got better. Alright going on with other stuff in the semester.

Along with Gi and Fal came two other crazies that were also freshmen basketball players, Alexis (Dj Lexi Lex) and Mali (Mal).  We our five girls from five different places: Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Mass, and Texas. I never knew how close I could get with someone until I met these four gems. I literally spend every waking minute with these  4 every day, no lie.


Night out to NYC ( Mal, Lex, Gi, Fal, and me)

I may get annoyed with them, but when you’re around the same people every minute of every day anyone would get annoyed with anyone. Honestly though, they have been some of the best friends. We have made some amazing memories together for the little time we’ve known each other. Our Panera dates. Driving around looking at lights. Adventures in to the city. Spice Girls. Caroline. Jamming in the car. And so many more. I love spending time with these girls. They have seen every side of me, my flaws and all. They know how to make me laugh, what do when I’m sad, and they probably know my whole life story. It feels as if they have been by myside since I was born. Sadly,  Gi had to go back to Mass for school to be closer to family, but we know she’ll come back and vis14317513_1350512711644748_3546377493257331312_nit soon. (MISS YOU BUNCHES G-MONEY) . Mal, thanks for being you and for always being the first one to laugh at my cheesy jokes. Thank you for always being able to go crazy with me and have fun. Gi, thanks for being a great roomie the first semester and teaching me how to have fun. Miss you so much. Lex, thanks for always dancing with me and making me laugh. Thank you for teaching me the true definition of YOLO. Fal. thank you for loving me through everything this semester and putting up with my craziness. Also, thank you for being basically my mom here. I have no idea what I would do with out y’all by myside for this first semester you make life fun. Also, I’m so happy I have y’all to raid through y’alls closets when I can’t find anything to wear. SO MUCH LOVE FOR Y’ALL!!!!!

Along with the four of them, I am blessed to be a part of such a great team filled with outstanding players and even better people. They each welcomed me with open arms.These girls have became my family here. I see them literally every single day from what it feels like from dusk to dawn. The seniors on the team(Si, Cal, Si Clark) have been tremendous leaders and contributors to the team. They set the standards what an AUWBB player looks like. They know what it takes to win an NE-10 championship and have put us on the road to potentially have the chance to get there. Thank you seniors for being such great leaders on and off the court. The juniors (Jules, Nat, and Sim) are just as great as the 14222234_1350512668311419_5061909857562611321_nseniors. Nat is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met, and also keeps me company when riding from the La Guardia back to school with some car service. Sim loves Kodak almost as much as me and is just as obsessed with sneakers as me. Jules is hilarious and is always there when I’m about to freak out. Thank you juniors for being so fun and loving. Then, we have one lone sophomore, Ni. Ni is crazy funny and always willing to juju with me in the locker room. I’d have to say the team I am blessed to be on is pretty amazing. We are 13-2, and only half way through the season. So, we aren’t even finished yet. Keep watch for us! Team, thank you for constantly encouraging me and being there for me my first semester of college. Now, let’s go get it!!!!!

Also, I can’t forget my bffs back home in Texas. I miss y’all like crazy. Yet it doesn’t even seem anything has changed. Y’all are the first people I call to talk about good or bad news. I just wish y’all we15171230_1427418753954143_2995089447029781680_nre here to experience college with me because I know y’all would have so much here in NY. Luckily, I was able to come home and visit them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving was so much fun. I was only there for two days, but they were two great days back home. We had a 15697286_1466054576757227_5297796025368244950_nFriendsgiving at Lori’s house and everyone(Talohr:( ) was there. It was so nice just be around all the people I love. It was great getting to catch-up with each of them. It almost felt as if we never left each other15697286_1466054576757227_5297796025368244950_n. I can’t wait till I see you all again, but feel free to come visit please!!!! Thank you guys for always answering my calls, facetimes, and texts even when you’re busy. Thank y’all for still giving me great advice and encouragement even when it feels as if we are galaxies away .15202547_1427418793954139_7825312588438310400_nLOVE Y’ALL BUNCHES AND BUNCHES AND BUCHES AND BUNCHES!!

Overall, my first semester of college was pretty good. I finished with good grades, great friends, and just as great memories. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this semester without my friends and family. I have already learned so many new things in my first semester of college, and am thankful for all the lessons I have been taught in school and life. Oh, I forgot to mention the school part of college was good, too. I had good grades, worked hard, was only late once, and had good relationships with my professors. So, yeah the school part was good. Just to give you more insight to my first semester below is just a bunch of pictures.


My Relationship With God

To be honest, I wrote this a little bit ago, and I know it is not a typical blog post; but  I really wanted to share with y’all how my relationship with Christ came about. Thank you Maddie Heth, and everybody who has impacted me along my journey to know God and make Him known. Also, thank you to all the amazing people I have met through Trietsch youth group. I agape love y’all. Here it is.

He is man with long brown hair and brown eyes. A kind man. A patient, joyful, and loving man. A forgiving, courageous, honest, fair, wise, and fearless man. A holy man. The holy man. I was fearful, nervous, lonely, doubtful, and curious. I became optimistic, hopeful,  anxious, and still curious. I am now happy, confident, excited, fearless, and faithful. I am now a Christian.

As a kid, I grew up in the church. My mom is Catholic, and my dad is Presbyterian. I was baptized Presbyterian, but went to a Catholic school and had my Catholic Holy Communion. We would go to the Presbyterian church in town every Sunday at nine in the morning.  Every Sunday I would go to Sunday school. Every Christmas Eve we would go to the church. Every Easter we would go to church in the morning. I was even a part of the church choir. I went to church, but I was not actually there. I sat in the third row near the middle every Sunday. The two rows in front of me and the rows behind me were filled with smiling faces of what it looked to be everyone in town. I had the best view in the church. I was able to see the old lady in the top left corner of the adult choir falling asleep while singing hymns. I went to the same church my dad went to growing up, so every person in church knew me. All the older couples thought I was the best kid at church since I was the only one not crying, but truly I was either sleeping, drawing on the white offering envelope, or playing my Junie B. Jones game on my Leap pad. For me, church was just something I had to attend. I did not like church. I thought it was boring. The only thing I liked about church was in Sunday school when the teacher would give us Bugles, and I would put them on my fingers as claws and act like a monster. I just went through the routine of church. I believed in God because I was told to. I went to church because I was told to. I prayed because I was told to. I did everything because I was told to.

In the third grade when I moved to Texas my parents did not find a church of their liking. A few years later, a group of girls I met in middle school invited me to go to their church youth group on Wednesday with them. At first, I was very hesitant, but my mom thought it would be a good idea to go with them since I had not been to church in awhile. I became interested in the church, in the people that were there, and in the music. The youth-goers made me want to come back. I became a regular throughout the year, but I was still going through the motions. I told myself and others that I believed in God, but I truly in my heart did not. I wanted to, yet something was still missing. I felt a hole in my heart. I felt empty. I was optimistic, but still curious with a few doubts. I was only there half- heartedly.

In the seventh grade, those same girls that brought me to church took me to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at school. Later in the year, in March, I went to a church retreat with the club because all of my friends were going. I had no idea what to expect. I was only told that we would play games, hangout, and sing worship songs. Just like the youth group I attend. We left right after school on Friday, driving two hours to get to the retreat. Right when we got there we went straight to dinner. They served us pizza. It tasted like I was eating plastic on top of card board. It was not the best, but I was not here to criticize the cooking.  I was here to play games and hangout- right? At least that is what I thought, but I was in for something that I never expected to happen.

Woah- Saturday was an early morning. We had to wake up at 5:30 for breakfast at 6:00. Then we played games, hung out, ate, played more games, read the Bible, and ate some more. Saturday was different than Friday. We worshiped on Saturday just like we did on Friday, but before we worshiped we listened to people’s testimonies. The testimonies ranged from cancer to rape to drugs to abuse to thankfulness. I was in awe that with what already happened to kids around my age, and they were still believers in Christ. One girl with short blonde hair shared that the only reason she beat cancer was because she saw an angel in her dream. Every story shared made me interested in God a little bit more. After all the testimonies, we sang worship songs for two hours. Everybody was emotional around me crying in happiness and thankfulness because they had already accepted Christ in their lives. The second to last song the band played was a cover of “One Thing Remains” by Jesus Culture. As we were singing the chorus for the third time I felt a rush of cold air swarm around me, as if, someone was hugging me while I closed my eyes. I fell to my knees crying knowing He loves me even through all of the years I was not a believer. He loves me. He never gives up on me. Still on the ground, I felt a bunch of hands touch me in support of my decision in life. I felt relief. I no longer felt lonely. The hole I felt in my heart was gone. I stood up moments later when my friend, and as of that moment, sister in Christ now, Maddie Heth, hugged me saying ” I knew it. You had just accepted Christ. Congratulations!” Hearing the word “Congratulations!” for accepting Christ in my life shocked me because I normally only hear that after winning. “Congratulations!” “Congratulations!” “Congratulations!” I kept reiterating Maddie saying that in my head. Still crying, we began to sing the next song, “I Surrender” by Hillsong. “With arms stretched wide/ I know You hear my cry/ Speak to me now/ Speak to me now/ I surrender/ I surrender/ I wanna know You more/ I wanna know You more” my favorite lyrics were sang by everyone at the retreat. This was the moment I surrendered my life to Christ. When I sang those exact words I knew I fully and whole-heartedly was a follower of Jesus. I was grateful, happy, and felt like a better person leaving the retreat.

That kind, forgiving, fearless, and wise man I described with the long brown hair and brown eyes changed the person I used to be into the better version of myself. I went from being fearful, nervous, lonely, and doubtful to strong, happy, confident, excited, fearless, and faithful. I was not a believer. I was just a church-goer who went for the wrong reasons, but I am now a believer who loves God, Jesus, and the Bible. I surrendered. God is in my life. God is my life. He loves me. He will never give up on me. His love is everlasting. Agape love. I am Christian. A Christian from the time in seventh grade when I went to the retreat in March with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. I accepted Christ in my life when singing covers of “One Thing Remains” by Jesus Culture and “I Surrender” by Hillsong with all the believers of the Word and my brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.